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Turmeric Oil (60ml) | The Minies
Turmeric Oil | The Minies

Turmeric Oil (60ml)

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Country of Origin: INDIA
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Turmeric Oil: Ancient Indians have been using turmeric as an antibiotic, spice, and healing element for thousands of years. Indians continue to use turmeric in their kitchen even now. The advantages of turmeric have not failed to entice others. Now, people across the globe have recognized the immense benefits of turmeric and are making use of it. So, if turmeric oil is extracted traditionally, it is bound to provide benefits towards overall health and well-being. The yellowish-orange root that is essential in the Indian kitchen boasts countless benefits. Turmeric oil that is extracted from the root is also extremely beneficial. 

FSSAI License Number: 10020021006368

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