Who We Are

The Minies is your one-stop solution for all your daily care needs. We’ve crafted a wide range of products that fit perfectly in your self-care puzzle including skincare, hair care,  daily health supplements, and essential oils!

The Minies strives to help you pick the best for your skincare and health care requirements. Over the years, we have assorted a range of products developed in a clean environment, with carefully chosen natural ingredients, and made with an abundance of love.We facilitate the products with utmost care and love. 

Our creations are Vegan, Cruelty Free and free of harmful chemicals such as SLS and Paraben.

Our products have not been developed on the grounds of Animal Cruelty and we take pride in the same. Our aim is to take you on a journey of self-love and self-care, where you are celebrated, and pampered the way you deserve to be.

Ayurveda has been striving all throughout the years, not only in India but worldwide. After years of thorough research and understanding, The Minies focuses on bringing the best and all-natural products for every health concern. We believe in complete transparency and clarity with our products. Every ingredient is sourced right from Mother Nature and processed with the latest technologies that keep the potency of the ingredients intact. Every product is vegan, cruelty free and free from harmful commercial chemicals which dis balance your health in the long run. Paired with the love and care of thousands, we believe in helping your body, mind, and soul grow physically as well as spiritually.

Inspired by the ancient Science of Healing, immerse into the myriad of self-care products with The Minies. Our belief in gathering an elixir of timeless knowledge and the strive to revive its fortunes to the world has helped in bringing the purest form of wellness products to you that promotes an ecstatic vibe from within.

Discover with us: The The Minies is built with our immutable sense for the spirit of purity and years of knowledge on natural products, especially the beauty of Ayurveda. We pick up the traditional natural ingredients right from the finest India’s lush gardens combined with quintessential scientific technologies to bring the best self care products that are surreal. 

Join The Minies and together we take a step to a healthier and spiritual living by engaging with our original roots from within. 

Social and environmental sustainability: In this fast paced world, our mission is to bring a change to people’s lives by connecting to the power of Mother Nature through our series of self care and wellness products. 

At the heart, every product is sourced right from the most rural areas across the world promoting a betterment to the society and the nation. We focus on every intricate detail towards a sustainable and eco friendly packaging which will help us serve Mother Nature back.

Our motto is to ensure the safety of every living being on the earth. Thus, our products are completely vegan and cruelty free. 

With us, come redefine the beauty of Mother Nature and feel good about yourself.