Pomegranate Vegan Capsules
Pomegranate Vegan Capsules
Pomegranate Vegan Capsules
Pomegranate Vegan Capsules
Pomegranate Vegan Capsules
Pomegranate Vegan Capsules
Pomegranate Vegan Capsules

Pomegranate Vegan Capsules

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Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
Country of Origin: INDIA
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Pomegranate is a sweet-flavored fruit that has hundreds of ruby red seeds in it. Pomegranates are available year-round and come from all over the world. The main origins are Spain, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Egypt, India, South Africa, Peru, Chile, and the US, with India being the highest cultivating country. Said to be one of the most ancient fruits, it has a long as well as a fascinating history. The word 'Pomegranate' is said to be derived from a medieval Latin word 'Pomum Granatum', which means apple of many seeds. In Greek mythology, it was known as the 'fruit of the dead', as it is believed to have risen from the blood of Adonis, the mortal lover of Aphrodite. In ancient Rome, the newlywed women would wear a crown woven from the leaves of the pomegranate tree, and women were to drink the pomegranate juice as a cure for infertility. Apart from this historical/mythical significance, pomegranate is a superfood, loaded with nutrients. All the parts of the tree of pomegranate, fruit, seeds, flowers, leaves, bark, and roots, contain a chemical named 'polyphenol', which aids in various diseases and conditions.

The Minies bring you Pomegranate 60 Vegan Capsules which promote good health. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels and helps in controlling blood pressure. It also helps with digestive disorders and skin conditions. Made with pure, natural ingredients, these Vegan Capsules are free from chemical-infused toxins, soy, preservatives, and gluten.

FSSAI License Number: 10020021006368

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