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Ostomy Air Vent (Pack of 10 Vents)

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A perfect solution for all fighters with Colostomies/Ileostomies (stool bag) be it temporary or permanent.

Get relief to your ballooning problems post colostomy & ileostomy. Ostomy means an artificial opening in an organ of the body, created during an operation such as a colostomy, ileostomy, or gastrostomy (people with stool bags). With the aim to overcome the ballooning challenges faced by him over the years, he finally was able to conquer & extend this solution to all the fellow ostomates. Ostocare aids in reducing stool bag explosions or loose wafers. As it’s not a filtering device, it works efficiently, last as long as the bag, doesn’t become ineffective in water & is easy to install & use.

OstoCare Ostomy has developed a product called OstoCare Air Vent (OAV). It is one of the best air release venting device which is compatible with any kind of stool bag, one-piece, two-piece, drainable, or closed-end pouches. The OSTOCARE Ostomy Air Vent by VCARE Ostomy  provides easy, quick access for a better alternative to burping or opening the bottom with less mess, less bother, and more security. It is specifically designed without a filter to quickly release air build upon demand.

Benefits of OstoCare Air Vent:

  • Designed for all age groups
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install and use, attaches to any ostomy pouch
  • Aids in reducing pouch explosions and loose wafers
  • Provides comfort, relief and confidence to ostomy pouch users
  • Gives freedom to perform longer activities like swimming, traveling, attending office meetings, taking long walks, playing outdoor sports, etc
  • There are lots of Ostomy pouches in the market which come with Carbon filters, which are supposed to keep the pouches from ballooning, but this carbon filter also stops working by the end of day 2 as it get covered by stool.

 How to Use the OstoCare Ostomy Air Vent?

VCare’s Ostomy Air Vent is designed to help quickly release air from the pouch. This aids in reducing stool bag explosions or loose wafers. As it’s not a filtering device, it works efficiently, last as long as the bag, doesn’t become ineffective in water & is easy to install & use. Here’s how you can use the Ostomy Air Vent:

  • Preparing the Pouch/Bag Clean the front surface of your bag with a dry cloth or napkin.
  • Attaching the OAV onto the Pouch/Bag Find an area nearer to the top side of the pouch to attach the OAV. Now, place the OAV on the pouch and gently lift it with your finger, making sure it doesn’t move from the place. Remove the adhesive from OAV and stick the OAV on the pouch firmly. Let it stick/dry completely before use.
  • Creating a Hole in the Pouch/Bag Once the OAV has securely bonded with the bag, pull the top where the OAV is attached down to the opening. Now, use a sterile pin/needle or a fresh tooth pick to make a hole in the bag through the OAV. Make sure the hole is big enough to let the air out.
  • Ready to Use Once the puncture/hole is made, the bag is ready for use.

Instead of buying expensive stoma bags with a carbon filter, one can buy the regular stoma bag & attach OstoCare OAV to it which is developed by VCARE Ostomy. Overall, high quality OAV is available at good price also the OAV doesn’t get clogged like the carbon filter.

Why Choose OstoCare Ostomy Air Vent?

  • Simple, comfortable, and accessible OAV
  • Easy to open and close
  • Permanently bonds to the ostomy pouch Avoids accidents
  • Allows user to release air whenever and wherever necessary (Privacy recommended)
  • Easy to release air, without even breaking the seal between wafer and pouch
  • Does not clog or become ineffective during use
  • Lasts as long as the pouch is worn
  • Made of a flexible, durable polymer
  • Designed without a filter, allowing for a large enough hole for the air to release quickly and easily

Trusted & Loved By Our Customers

"These are incredible. These have been fantastic for my dad, who has had an ostomy for almost a month now. He cherishes them. To release the air from the bag, simply pop open the tab rather than opening the entire ostomy bag. They are also quite simple to attach to the bag."

-Jatin Patel



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The Minies Naturals is your one-stop solution for all your daily care needs. We've crafted a wide range of products that fit perfectly in your self-care puzzle including skincare, bathing essentials, hair care, and daily health supplements. Our creations are free of harmful chemicals.

The Minies proudly flaunts a 100% chemical-free product range. However, chemicals are heavily used in most other beauty and skin care products as preservatives, and even the most popular brands profit through them under your nose. Let’s discuss some of the widely used chemicals you might be dealing with:

  • Parabens
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Say a big no to Parabens: Parabens are a class of preservatives widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. They are used to prolong the shelf life of products and to prevent bacterial and mould growth within them.  Parabens are linked to breast cancer in many studies due to its capacity to dis-balance the hormones by mimicking estrogen. They penetrate your body through the skin and remain within the tissue.

Hold on! They are not only bad for you, they are also bad for the environment. Recently, Parabens were found in the bodies of marine animals. It is likely that the products we use get washed into the sewage system and released into the environment. They have been found in water, soil, sediment, dust and fish too. You don’t want to be harming the planet and yourself for just a longer shelf life! 

Quit that Benzyl Alcohol: Benzyl Alcohol is a colorless and aromatic alcohol used as a chemical agent in Cosmetics as a preservative to stop the bacteria from reproducing. It may feel good using them as they are light and remove the greasiness from the skin, and wash off the natural protection layer of the skin along with it. They can be extremely drying and irritating to skin, and may even cause inflammation. They are also severely toxic and highly irritating to the eyes! You can usually spot Benzyl Alcohol in skin care products, cosmetics, topical drugs, etc! 

Bye-bye SLS: Love a foamy, bubbly face wash? I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t. Most face washes get their foamy consistency from a detergent and surfactant called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, also known as SLS. Just like Benzyl Alcohol, SLS acts as an irritant and dries out the skin, and can be extremely harmful in case you have sensitive skin. Acne is one of the side-effects of using SLS-induced products, as they strip your skin off it’s natural protection layer. SLS is commonly found in face washes, shampoos, toothpastes, mouthwashes etc! 

No harm caused to animals: This is a special segment that we would like to put light on. The Minies products are not tested on animals and we absolutely condemn the unnecessary animal lab testing for human needs. We support non-animal testing methods, which are far more predictive, reliable, and harmless. 

From Eye and Skin Irritation/Corrosion Testing on Rabbits to Skin Sensitization Testing on Guinea Pigs and Mice, some of the most universally popular brands still pay to test their products on Animals and we sure can be better than that.

We are proud to be part of a country like India that has banned domestic animal-testing for cosmetics, and very recently became the first country in South-Asia to promote ‘cruelty-free’ cosmetics by banning the import of animal-tested products as well. 

Choose The Minies, and let your personal care come from a place of love, not from a place of suffering.

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