Yoga: Ultimate Solution for a Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga: Ultimate Solution for a Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga is being considered and suggested as a valid form of exercise by many health experts. But sometimes we’re unclear as to how Yoga brings happiness and healing in our lives. All the practices of mental, physical, and spiritual practices, mentioned in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, have their significance individually.

Not only are the Yogic asanas and breathing techniques beneficial in bringing back the vigor of your skin, but they will also cut down your future cost of medical health emergencies. Here are some of our favorite benefits of Yoga, along with the practice you can do to achieve them:

  1. Peace & Mindfulness Aren’t we all looking for a bit of peace and relaxation in our lives? The constant rat race of life can massively negatively impact our mental health. The Yogic Pranayama can help you retain or bring back your sanity and calmness of mind, and help you become more productive. What you can do: Perform Anolam Vilom or Ujjayi Pranayama for about 10-15 minutes in your entire day.
  2. Maintain Healthy Weight This is not just about losing the excess weight and fat, but also helping those who have difficulty in putting on weight as well. The ultimate goal is to maintain a weight that neither puts the burden on our bodies nor deprives them of essential fats and nutrients. And it is made possible with the help of Yoga! What you can do: As a beginner, you can start with the popular Sun Salutations! Start with 7 rounds and gradually increase the sets. They can not only help you lose unnecessary fat, but also stimulate and build muscles.
  3. Increases Balance & Flexibility Yoga can help you increase your overall turning or harmony with your body, and makes you more aware of it. This is even true for people who suffer from obesity and you do not have to wait until you lose weight to do a headstand and gain its benefits. There are ways to you can increase your flexibility and balance with simple asanas! What you can do: Start with a simple Tree Pose, and gradually move toward High Lunge. Do this practice after your Sun Salutations.
  4. Better Immunity This applies to everyone. No one likes to be zapped by a virus or bacteria into being bed rest for several days at a time. This can only be made sure of a good immune system. But how do we do that? Well, both Pranayama and Asanas can help you here! What you can do: Any yoga practice that gets your blood flowing is good here. You can try Kapalbhati or Anolam Vilom for your daily dose of Pranayama, and maybe add a Forward Fold (Uttanasana) or simply put your legs up the wall. Always do Yoga empty stomach for better results, you can also start a pre-yoga ritual by drinking a glass of warm water for a quick bowel movement before you hit the mat! Pose your way through!

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