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Ways to Protect Skin from UV Radiation

We all love our skin and a lot but we cannot miss being on a beach or in sun. Wherever we go sun and heat is there. We cannot take shed everywhere to protect us from ultraviolet (UV) rays. During summer we all need is sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and shed. We cannot manage to be in sun bare skin.

Moving in sun usually affects skin with basic infections named sunburn and sun tanning. These don’t harm body but skin is at risk. So few precautions are to be taken during summer or whenever you are exposed in sun.

Protect your skin in different ways:

  1. Sunscreen lotion: Before you leave from home apply sunscreen to your body. Sunscreen lotion keeps it safe. Find a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30+ for protection. Usually SPF varies in sizes but find the best for rash proof summers. Body sweats more in summer and has a itching sensation as well.
  1. Protective clothing: Wear full sleeve clothes in summer to protect yourself from UV rays. Choose wearing cotton clothes in summer. It saves you from sweat and itchy summers. Due to sweating keep changing clothes otherwise it erupts infections to your body.
  1. Hat or cap: While travelling on scooters wear caps so that UV rays do not hit your eyes. Save your eyes from the heat. During beach days wear a hat for protection. UV rays affect our skin cells. Let your face, eyes and neck be face to a hat.
  1. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are not always UV rays protected. Buy sunglasses which fight UV rays. Buying cheap sunglasses would damage your eyes because it does not have UV protection shield in it.
  1. Shed: While being outdoors try to be in shed for that your skin cells don’t get damaged by UV rays. Carry an umbrella or be under a roof or tree.
  1. Water: Drink more water when you plan to be in sun. Water fights UV rays.

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