Top Easy Tips to Prevent Fungal Infection with The Minies Natural Oils

Top Easy Tips to Prevent Fungal Infection with The Minies Natural Oils

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Among all skin infections, fungal infection is the most common. It usually occurs on foot. In fungal infection usually, there is peeling of the skin. The skin turns red with itching and burning sensation which also develops blisters around.

Fungal infection occurs due to unclean habits. The fungus can be cured in simple ways. But preventing is much safer and more effective. Fungal infection is more prone to occur during summer. Precautions should be taken during summer.


Few Easy Tips to Prevent Fungal Infection:

  • Routine Cleaning: Keep proper care of your feet and body. Cleaning it properly is necessary. Wash it thoroughly with soap. Use a scrub to wash your feet so that the dead skin is removed. Do not allow bacteria to develop in your feet.
  • Feet Clean and Shoes Dry: Fungal infection takes place in feet so one should wash feet with warm water. Do not roam around on wet feet. It has to be dried up after ash and bathing. Do not wear shoes with wet feet. If you wash your shoes do not use them in wet condition wait till it dries up.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: If affected then clean the affected area with antiseptic and then apply apple cider vinegar with cotton and massage it gently.
  • Do Not Wear Footwear for Long: Working all day with footwear increases the chance of fungal infection. If you actively wear shoes then you often need to remove shoes.
  • Apply Powder: Apply powder in the shoes and socks you wear repeatedly. It absorbs sweat and prevents fungal infection.
  • Do Not Wear Tight Fitting Clothes or Shoes: Wearing tight clothes and shoes usually face fungal infections. Wear clothes and shoes which allow air movements. If infected with it let it free for that it heals faster.
  • Fungus On Back: For preventing fungus on your backwashing your back thoroughly with soap. Use the scrub at regular intervals. Change your clothes if you sweat more.
  • Essential Oils: Infected with fungus use ointment on the affected part and mix oil few oils to it. Mix a few drops of garlic oil, tea tree oil, and oregano oil for immediate results.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Skin is usually sensitive when it comes to infection. During infection soak feet in hydrogen peroxide.
  • Apply Nail Polish: Fungus around the nail can be cured by applying polish. It removed the fungus in a few hours.

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