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The New Elixir of Hair Growth!

One of the major hair issues faced by women is hair fall! Many ladies are tired of losing a bunch of hair strings every day. Some also face the issues of baldness at some parts of the scalp because of hair fall issues. There are many reasons why we ladies face this!


The wrongdoer is pollution. How much ever we try to cover our head with scarves, the dust and heat damages our hair and cuticles and make our hair lose its shine. Another culprit is hard and polluted water. It not only makes the hair cuticles weak but also flushes the natural oil from the scalp. It makes our hair strands weak due to which they break and fall off. Also, regular styling using hairdryers and straighteners causes hair damage. The point is we cannot do anything about this but to take extra care of them. We have a new magician in the market that can solve all our hair problems.


The Minies’ onion hair oil! Onion hair oil is a proven remedy since the times of Ayurveda. Obviously! We have always loved our grandmother’s hair and wish to have hair like them. It's all because of homemade recipes of our Nani-maa which we ignored. Who doesn't like to have champi but in our busy schedules we don't get enough time? Onion hair oil effectively works in promoting hair growth and due to the presence of antioxidants, it nourishes your scalp and improves the blood circulation, thus ensuring thicker and stronger hair growth. Applying onion hair oil in the crown area of the scalp ensures regrowth of dark and thicker hair.


Onion oil is a one-stop solution but it can also be added to your favorite oils for double benefits. So, what are you waiting for buy The Minies’s onion hair oil and let them do the show wherever you go!

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