Is The Best Argan oil hair shampoo the ultimate solution to all your hair concerns?

Is The Best Argan oil hair shampoo the ultimate solution to all your hair concerns?

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We have raved about argan oil forever! This magical ingredient has been the best member of the hair care community that has served for ages. The hype of argan oil is no longer a mystery, as the benefit of argan oil is limitless. Today, we will dive deep into everything about the best argan oil hair shampoo that will help you learn more about this beneficial ingredient. All the information will be backed up by scientific research to ensure that you only get accurate information and nothing less. Keep reading along with us to learn more about it.

Benefits of argan oil hair shampoo - What does science say?

You may have read plenty of benefits about argan hair oil shampoos on the internet, but how much of that info is accurate? So many people do not do adequate research about the benefits and the uses of an ingredient but start incorporating it into their everyday routine. 

This can be dangerous if you somehow choose the wrong ingredients for your hair, skin and body.

If you wonder whether all the information you read on the internet about argan hair oil shampoo benefits are accurate or not, here's a list of the benefits backed up by scientific research and studies. 

Moisturizes and conditions your hair

Argan oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, which is a significant moisturizing element for your hair. This ingredient is full of fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid that helps to lubricate the hair shaft and maintain adequate moisture. This fatty layer can also prevent dryness in your hair and is a boon for people suffering from dry hair type as it replenishes the nutrient content in your hair with one wash! It keeps your hair soft, supple and bouncy without weighing it down from extra moisture. 

Improves scalp health

So many people struggle with dandruff, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, which are some of the significant scalp conditions. These are the underlying conditions contributing to hair fall and inadequate hair moisture. According to studies, argan oil has major anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that work great for keeping your scalp health in check. 

Prevents styling and colouring damage

According to the studies, argan oil offers a nice protective layer to your hair, preventing the damage from consistently washing or styling your hair. 

Being rich in linoleic, oleic and palmitic acid, argan oil is great for protecting your hair from external chemicals and heat.

Furthermore, the nourishing properties of argan hair oil ensure that your hair is free from any split and damaged ends. This is one of the major concerns of people who are consistently styling and heating up their hair.

Another study also found out that using argan hair oil shampoo in your hair can eliminate the damage caused by hair dye, making the hair brittle and coarse. 

If you are looking for a fix for the heat and chemical damage to your hair, look no further as argan oil shampoo is your best buddy here!

Protects hair from the sun

The Moroccan argan oil shampoo has been used for ages to protect the hair and the scalp from the sun. According to a study, argan oil's antioxidant activity helps protect the scalp from the free radical damage that causes the hair to grow super unhealthy. It may also prevent damage from the sun's ultraviolet rays by adding an extra layer of protection. 

Do you still need to use an argan hair oil if you use the argan hair oil shampoo?

Well, that's a common question so many people wonder about. Let's decode this together.

The argan oil hair shampoo is mainly made of a maximum concentration of argan oil mixed with other ingredients that are excellent for your hair health. 

Considering the amount of argan oil content on your shampoo, you can choose to skip the part of oiling if you'd like to.

However, if you're a dry hair type, oiling with argan oil can go a long way in combining with the nourishing properties of the argan oil hair shampoo.

If you have an oily scalp or do not have adequate time to oil your hair regularly, it is always better to apply only the argan oil hair shampoo, which will keep your scalp nourished, clean and healthy for a longer duration effortlessly!

How to pick the best argan oil hair shampoo?

With so many brands on the market selling argan hair oil shampoos, getting overwhelmed is natural. Simply adding the word "natural" or "organic" doesn't necessarily prove that the product is worth purchasing. This is why you need to dig deeper and look out for the ingredients in your argan oil hair shampoo.

Starting from the basics, your argan oil hair shampoo should primarily consist of argan oil as the main ingredient. Some other ingredients that can be present in your argan hair oil shampoo can be aloe vera extract, vegetable glycerin, gudhal extracts, reetha extracts, Brahmi extracts, and other essential oils.

These ingredients boost the efficiency and potency of the argan oil hair shampoo and bring even better results than only oiling your hair with argan oil.

Ensure that your argan oil hair shampoo ingredients do not have any SLS or parabens, even in the littlest amounts. Sure, these ingredients are primarily present to extend the shelf life of the hair care product, but it can end up damaging your hair even further. 

Always look out for safe and natural ingredients even if you get a shorter shelf life with your hair care products, as you need to focus more on the healthy ingredients instead of the preservatives.


There are so many more benefits to argan hair oil shampoos, but these have already been proven with robust and rigorous experiments. Argan oil hair shampoos are clinically tried and tested to ensure that it serves the purpose and keeps their word of making your hair healthy and luscious. Now that you know the scientifically backed up solutions of the best argan oil hair shampoo, include it in your hair care routine starting today and experience the fantastic results!

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